In Just 6 Weeks You Can Be In The Best Shape of Your Life – Guaranteed!


Cover Model Body Coach

The Double-Your-Money-Back Guaranteed Coaching Program
For Individuals Serious About Achieving
A Lean, Sculpted Body in Just 6 Weeks 

Hi, I’m Dave Sheahan and I want you help you be stronger, healthier, more youthful and full of energy that you ever dreamed possible.

My “Cover Model Body Coach” system is doing this for people all around the world and it can do it for you. Guaranteed or double your money back.

The ”Cover Model Body Coach” program combines my brand new 6-week home workout system videos plus six weeks of intensive group coaching calls with me. 

The workout system gives you 36 unique workouts (6 per week for 6 weeks) to get you in shape fast. One day you do a cardio routine, the next day resistance (weights) training, then back to cardio and so on. They take about 55 minutes each. You do it at your pace. If you need to take it slower or modify the exercises, I show you how to do that.

You also get instructional videos on setting goals, using your mindset to ensure success, and videos on nutrition, how to have better sleep, flexibility and more. 

The great thing is that you don’t need any fancy gym equipment. In fact, you can say goodbye to expensive gym memberships because this is more effective.

This is a home workout system and all you need is a barbell and an exercise ball. Because you can do this in the privacy of your home I demonstrate everything in a home setting, with a few trips outside to parks and the beach to show that you can do this anywhere. Take a look at these photos of me doing the exercises. No fancy equipment is required and you can do them anywhere; in you home, in a hotel room while traveling, outdoors in a park or even the beach.

I’m right beside you, doing every workout and encouraging you every step of the way.

Combine these highly effective exercises with the nutrition program and my group coaching and you’ll power right through this program. In six weeks, maybe less, you’ll see muscles in places where you didn’t know you had them. 

In addition to getting stronger and thinner, you will also experience better sleep and a renewed sense of self-confidence as you see your body changing.

Please understand – this is not a diet or some crazy fad or foolish diet plan – this is a mindset change. You’ll get back in touch with what you body needs to stay fit and healthy.

Within 6 weeks you will have completely banished the bad habits and subconscious roadblocks that have haunted you UNTIL NOW. If you are ready for a new, confident, vibrant, sexy you, then you have found your solution.

This system is perfect for people of all ages. Here are two recent graduates of the program. The photos on the right are just after completing the 6-week program. They’re both so happy with their results that they continue to do the exercises at least 4 times a week.

Kim Miller, Age 52

Rick Smith, Age 58

Wouldn’t you like to see results like this with your body?  You can, and the sooner you get started the sooner you’ll be looking and feeling younger, stronger and healthier, just like Kim and Rick.

Here’s What You Get With The Group Coaching Program

15 Minute 1 to 1 Skype Call With Dave Sheahan (can be used anytime during the 6 weeks)

2 x 90 minute workshops (via webinar) on February 18 and 19 2012

3 x 60 minute LIVE Coaching Calls each week

Final 60 Minute Strategy Session on Day 42 – What to do next

Mindset/Exercise/Nutrition Expert Guest each Week

Daily Video : Personal Message and Mindset Coaching From Dave Sheahan

Lifetime Membership of Dave Sheahan Home Workout System

Direct Access to Dave and his Team 24/7, including livechat, with Priority Response Status

Digital Version of “6 Weeks to a Cover Model Body”

Digital Version of “Catalyst For Success” – Dave’s Chapter in “Adventures in Manifesting – Health and Happiness”

Daily Review and Feedback of Your Food Diary

Daily Personalised Voicemail/Text/Email Reminders of Exercise/Nutrition Plan for Day

Discount (TBC) to “Cover Model Body” Cruise Jan 2013 including 2012 Awards and Celebration Party

This type of coaching would normally cost thousands of dollars (I charge $300/hour for personal coaching) but you are going to get it for a tiny fraction of that.

Here’s What You Get With The Home Workout System (Videos Only)

36 different Workouts over the 6 Week Program

Workouts for when travelling or limited time

Dave doing an upright row.

Educational videos on exercise, nutrition and sleep

Creating your success mindset Video

System Exercise demonstration video

How to use this system to maximise effectiveness video and how you can
use it to do workouts of duration 15 -50 minutes

Flexibility routine video

Digital version of book on site and can be downloaded

Digital version of Creating Success Mindset Workbook and Mindset Training Journal (can be downloaded)

Digital version of Workout Journal (downloadable)

Digital version of Nutrition Journal (downloadable)

Digital Version of Sleep Journal (downloadable)

Access to 100s of recipes and cooking videos

Audios of all 36 workouts

Audios of all educational videos on exercise, nutrition and sleep

Exercise demonstration audio

How to use this system to maximise effectiveness audio and how you can use it to do workouts of duration 15 – 50 minutes

Creating Your Success Mindset Audio

Transcripts of all audio/video material – educational and instructional

Free Access to Mobile Apps

Bodyfat Calculator

Dave doing the “5-10-5,” a sprinting exercise. Shown outdoors here.

Progress chart

Weekly LIVE Q & A Call

Forum for interaction with Fellow Members

24/7 Support via live chat, phone, email and skype

Regular Accountability Calls from one of our Coaching Team

Review and feedback by our coaches on your training sessions and nutrition logs and detailed plan for the next days training and nutrition

Ready to get started?  Great decision!
Sign up today because the next coaching session starts February 18th, 2012.
Videos Only
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6-Week Coaching Program
Plus LIFETIME Access To
Dave Sheahan's
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one time
6-Week Coaching Program
Plus LIFETIME Access To
Dave Sheahan's
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6-Week Coaching Program
Plus LIFETIME Access To
Dave Sheahan's
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